Underwater Treadmill For Dogs Sydney

Underwater Treadmills

Using an underwater treadmill for dogs is a popular option when it comes to assisting our pets to recover from minor injuries to fully rehabilitating from major surgery. There are many reasons why using an underwater treadmill is becoming such a popular option for dogs:
At the Animal Rehab Klinik, out hydrotherapy is done in a state of the art underwater treadmill designed specifically for dogs. The water is constantly sanitised and kept at a comfortable 28 degrees Celsius which makes it great to use all year ’round! The underwater treadmill can benefit most dogs suffering from joint pain, recovering from surgery, neurological conditions and general weakness.

At the Animal Rehab Klinik, we use a state of the art canine underwater treadmill to do our hydrotherapy. Set at a comfortable 28 degrees, the water is perfect for any time of year. Besides walking, for small to medium dogs we can also swim dogs in the water.

Hydrotherapy can benefit most dogs suffering from joint pain, recovering from surgery, neurological conditions and general weakness.

The Underwater Treadmill May Be Beneficial For Dogs Suffering From:

Underwater Treadmills FAQ’s

Besides walking, for small to medium dogs, we can also swim them in the water which is great when it’s too cold outside to swim.

The underwater treadmill is not just limited to dogs either, theoretically, any animal can use it…as long as they’re ok being in the water. Cats, Rabbits, Sheep, for example, could do a session in there.

The other way it can be used is without water – then it works just like a regular treadmill. We’ve been known to bring our dogs in for an exercise session from time to time when it’s raining outside.

Allow half an hour. This allows talk about your dogs’ process prior, set them up, perform the session & dry them off. The total amount of exercise typically is around 10 – 15 minutes depending on your dogs’ condition.

Yes, there are. Some of these contraindications are absolute (meaning they’re 100% not advised), while some are relative (meaning we can proceed with caution):

Absolute: Open Wounds, Not Recommended By Vet, Unhealed Fractures, Incontinence

Relative: Lowered Immune System, Heart/lung disease, Allergies, Anxiety, Not Going To Toilet Prior.

Absolutely – the #1 thing is to make sure your dog has gone to the toilet. If your dog decides to go to the toilet during their session it means we need to empty the tank and start again. It may also mean we need to reheat our water and delay the following patients. As a result, your dogs’ appointment may be cut short and a cleaning fee applied.

Apart from this, we do appreciate you brushing your dogs prior and bringing a towel to your appointment.

We also recommend in most cases that the day of appointment that you minimise exercise prior. The underwater treadmill is a workout in itself, and if your dog has already exercised that day it may mean they pull up a little bit sorer than normal.

Call us on 02 9188 0863 or book your dog online for an initial consultation with us.

During our initial consultation, we will do a thorough assessment, digital gait scan and recommend a course of treatment. Sometimes there are better options for your dog, rather than the underwater treadmill which could include laserrehab, osteo or chiro.

Our second consultation is where we will begin the underwater treadmill therapy if that’s what we think will benefit your dog. Prior to this appointment, we will need a referral from your vet which you can get here. You are more than welcome to bring this to your initial consultation if you like. The vast majority of vets are happy to recommend hydrotherapy if there are no contraindications. In most cases, vets are happy to fill out a referral form if they have recently seen your dog meaning you may not need a vet consultation just for the referral. We have a good working relationship with most local vets, so if you are unsure please call us.