Coco, the Small Dog with a Big Heart

When we opened the Animal Rehab Klinik in 2018, we had one mission – to create a place where animals could get the same injury rehabilitation options as humans.

From over a decade of helping people recover from injuries, we knew first hand how the right rehabilitation advice could be the difference between someone doing just well enough to get by and someone thriving.

The day that we discovered that the amount of rehabilitation treatment and advice that our pets get is almost non-existent, we were concerned. We knew then that this was a problem that needed fixing, and that we were the ones who were going to do it.

Last week we had a special moment that showed us that we’re making a real difference, not just improving our patient’s quality of life, but also empowering their owners to make a bigger difference for their pets.

This is the story of Coco, the small dog with a big heart.

We first met Coco just a few months ago, when she was carried into our clinic in the arms of her owners. Coco had just been diagnosed with a rare neurological condition called polyradiculoneuritis, also known as Coonhound Paralysis.

The disease had taken hold in just a few short weeks, robbing Coco of her independence. Coco was so weak all she could do was lie down and look around. She couldn’t even crawl if she wanted to and going to the toilet was now a team effort for her and her owners.

The first time we put Coco in the underwater treadmill broke my heart. Coco hated water and the poor thing was petrified. All she could do was cry. She would have felt completely helpless…but as they say, sometimes you need to be cruel to be kind.

So, how is Coco doing now? Can she stand up? Could she possibly be walking already?

Watch the video to find out…