The Day We Met Sunday

It was mid-August 2018, just after launching the Animal Rehab Klinik. We received a Facebook message from a vet nurse – Danielle who informed us she had a rottweiler pup that she needed to find a home for. This was no ordinary rottweiler though. Sunday, as she was named, was a tri-paw and Danielle was desperately searching for the right home for Sunday – someone who was able to give Sunday the love & appropriate medical treatment that she needed to live a happy life.

Danielle and Sunday visited the Animal Rehab Klinik the following day for an examination so we could see the extent of how much help Sunday needed as she grew up.

Danielle went on to explain how she came to be looking after Sunday, and what led to her missing a paw. 2 months earlier Danielle got a call from someone who had a litter of pups where the mother had rejected them, and because of this a lot of the pups weren’t surviving. By the time she got there, just 3/11 were surviving and Danielle immediately rescued them. It was only when she got home that she noticed a large laceration to Sundays left hind paw. The vets’ prognosis wasn’t good – the paw was necrotic and couldn’t be saved. Even worse, the options were to amputate the entire limb, or given the overall situation – to euthanase Sunday.

Danielle wasn’t happy with either of these options, so she chose the 3rd, and most challenging option – to amputate the paw only. What this meant was that Sunday would need a prosthesis so she can use that limb properly. As one would imagine, a canine prosthesis is a very niche item and they don’t come cheap. Not to mention, Sunday was only 9 weeks old and would grow out of her prosthesis every 1-2 months while she was growing.

Danielle’s love for animals had certainly put herself in a challenging situation, and it was obvious how desperate she was to find not just any home for Sunday, but the right one.

Matt and I had no hesitation in offering our help, we just didn’t know exactly how we could help and we set about contacting everyone we know who might be able to help us in our mission to help Sunday and Danielle.

One thing was for certain though – Sunday was a real cutie!