Tara the Dogs Cruciate Surgery Rehab – A Testimonial from Taras Owner

Cruciate surgeries for dogs is the most common orthopaedic surgery performed by veterinarians. Learn how we helped Tara the Border Collie dog recover from cruciate surgery at the Animal Rehab Klinik.

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What We Did

Tara visited us after she had her cruciate operated on at Caringbah Veterinary Hospital.  We started with a full assessment, including a digital treadmill gait assessment. This allows us to record exactly how Tara is weight-bearing, so we can objectively analyse her improvement.

Our next appointment was focused on rehabilitation exercises, so we could show Tara’s owners the exercises that they are required to do in between appointments.

The bulk of our treatment was using our dog underwater treadmill. It allowed Tara to weight-bear easier in the early stages of dog cruciate rehab. In the later stages of rehab building strength was of more importance, and by speeding up the treadmill Tara was now walking with more resistance which is a great way of strengthening her leg.

It took Tara about 4 months to be what we considered ‘fixed’ but she is still coming in monthly to assist in maintaining her improvement to reduce the likelihood of her other cruciate tearing.


Hi, I’m Tony and this is Tara. My wife & I decided after an operation on my dog’s cruciate, that we needed to do something so she didn’t injure the other side. This is because we were told that in 65% of dog cruciate surgeries, the other side also tears.

So we brought her along here to the Animal Rehab Klinik for cruciate rehabilitation and it’s been fantastic.

We had the first 6 sessions in the dog water treadmill and the improvement was immense. We did another 6 to make sure and now she’s running around the beach with the rest of the dogs enjoying a natural life with no problems in her knee.

Tony: Tara, get your broom!

Who would you recommend to the Animal Rehab Klinik?

Any dog that gets an operation, particularly a cruciate I would highly recommend it.
It’s brought Tara back to life and us, we’re extremely happy.  She’s running on the beach and doing all the normal things she used to do with no problems!

Thanks Tony & Tara!