Dr Rhys Donovan

Osteopath and Co-founder of the Animal Rehab Klinik
BAppSc (Osteopathy), MA Osteopathy, GradDip (ABM)

Hi, I’m Rhys – the other co-founder of The Animal Rehab Klinik.

I’d love to tell you a bit about myself, so you can get to know me a little better and hopefully entrust me with looking after your pet!

I began my professional career as an osteopath in 2010 after completing a 5-year degree in osteopathy at the University of Western Sydney.

During my studies, I had gotten to know some lecturers who were also qualified in equine rehab & treatment. I didn’t even realise that this profession existed. I was immediately fascinated with how they applied their hands-on skills and treated animals who had no way of verbally communicating what was wrong with them. I immediately knew that one day I too wanted to learn how to do this.

Fast forwarding the clock several years, I found myself with some spare time in the human practice that I ran and knew this was the opportunity that I needed to do some further study and set about enrolling in the newly formed Animal Biomechanical Medicine (ABM) course.

Immediately I was captivated by the content in the course – re-visiting osteopathic principles and treatment which I’d done for so long for humans, but learning how to apply this thought process to these creatures with 4 legs (and sometimes 3 legs!) Not to mention learning new chiropractic approaches. It was like a new lease of life on my career – I had to think on my feet a lot more than I’d needed to in recent years which reinvigorated my desire to learn and develop as a practitioner.

In 2018 I was appointed as a Director of our professional association – the Animal Biomechanical Professionals of Australia (ABPA). I’m excited to take on this new responsibility and lead the way the future of our industry!

Dr Matt Breeds

Chiropractor and Co-founder of the Animal Rehab Klinik

Dr Rhys Donovan

Osteopath and Co-founder of the Animal Rehab Klinik

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Abbie Lovell

Animal Rehab Nurse