Older Pets

Young At Heart

As our pets age, arthritis is inevitable and they may start to struggle with the activities they used to do when they were younger.

Do you remember when you were much younger and you could play from dawn to dusk without any issues? How do you think you’d go with that now? You’re probably wincing just thinking about it right? At some point (usually late teens to mid/late 20’s) we start to stiffen up, tend to get injured quicker and take longer to heal.

It’s at that point that a lot of us discover that a regular visit to our chiro, osteo or physio becomes a necessity to keep us functioning.

Animals experience the same us, except for one thing… they age quicker, and that means that they experience the onset of these symptoms much faster than what happens to us humans.

The Animal Rehab Klinik can help with age related degeneration such as arthritis, joint stiffness, loss of muscle tone and strength, and immobility. We’ll help your pet discover their inner puppy and get them moving carefree once again.