Muffin Battles a Rare Blood Condition with Hydrotherapy

Muffin suffers from a rare blood condition known as immune-mediated thrombocytopaenia which causes him to have low platelets. Despite being young, Muffin is required to be on steroids long-term.

Luckily, Muffin’s owners have taken the initiative and brought Muffin in for treatment to strengthen his hind limbs and increase his energy levels! After 6 weeks of rehabilitation in the underwater treadmill, Muffin has become more active and his owners tell us that he is the best he has ever been!

He is no longer noticeably fatigued and has increased the muscle bulk in both his hind limbs – Go Muffin! 👏 Muffin is now on a maintenance home exercise program which his owners continue to complete to keep Muffin fit and healthy 💪