With Rhys & Matt’s experience in human allied healthcare, they knew first hand how much hands-on treatment and rehabilitation are an integral part of the primary healthcare system. It’s well researched that by combining this sort of treatment with conventional medicine, patients recover better after surgery, the need for medication is minimised and ultimately people live a better quality of life.

The Animal Rehab Klinik came about with the realisation that there were next-to-no allied healthcare services available to animals, which was in stark comparison to the human world where there are usually multiple chiropractic, osteopathy & physiotherapy practices in the one area. Knowing this, Rhys and Matt set about to create a clinic dedicated to improving the quality of life of small animals throughout Sydney, and giving their owners another choice in the treatment they seek for their pets.

Interview Topics

Animal Biomechanical Medicine (ABM)
Where rehabilitation fits in with animals
The technology we use (hydrotherapy treadmill, laser, muscle stimulator, gait analysis treadmill)
Matt’s dog Sunday & how we’ve taught her how to walk on a prosthetic leg
Rehab for breeds with common injuries such a Daschunds (Backs), French Bulldogs (Hips), Small Breeds (Patellar), Large Breeds (Cruciate Tears)


The Animal Rehab Klinik was founded in 2018, by Rhys Donovan & Matt Breeds. With a decade each of experience in the human allied healthcare industry as an osteopath and chiropractor, they went on to expand their knowledge into Animal Biomechanical Medicine (ABM) so they could apply their skills to animal treatment. The Animal Rehab Klinik’s vision is to improve the quality of life of pets across Australia by making animal rehabilitative widely accessible so it can be used as a primary part of veterinary care. To learn more visit

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