Dog Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy for dogs is a popular choice for helping our pets fully rehabilitate from surgery, injuries as well as maintaining optimal health. There are many reasons why canine hydrotherapy is becoming such a well-renowned option for dogs:

At the Animal Rehab Klinik, we use a state of the art canine underwater treadmill to do our hydrotherapy. Set at a comfortable 28 degrees, the water is perfect for any time of year. Besides walking, for small to medium dogs we can also swim dogs in the water.

Hydrotherapy can benefit most dogs suffering from joint pain, recovering from surgery, neurological conditions and general weakness.

Hydrotherapy May Be Beneficial For

Hydrotherapy FAQ’s

The conditions we use the underwater treadmill for the most, and get great results with include:


  • We recommend bringing a towel, so you can keep your dog dry on the way home. Don’t stress if you forget as we have plenty of towels on site.
  • If you have your own life jacket for your dog, we recommend bringing that as well.


  • Take your dog to the toilet – we can’t stress this enough. Nothing worse than your dog’s hydrotherapy session being cut short because we have to dump the water and clean the tank. This can also impact patients after you.
  • Give your dog a rest from their normal morning walk on this day, especially if they’re recovering from an injury. A regular walk and underwater treadmill on the same day can sometimes be too much for a recovering dog and they can pull up sore.
Like our other return treatments, allow half an hr which is enough to get in the underwater treadmill, fill & empty the water and dry them off. Typically your dog will be in the water for 15-20 minutes.
As long as the wound is healed, then it is fine. We do recommend checking with your vet first to make sure they are happy that the wound is fully healed.


  1. Open wounds
  2. Incontinence
  3. Bitches in heat
  4. If we a different treatment is better suited
Our underwater treadmill is usually set to 28 degrees celsius. On very cold days of winter, we’ll usually increase this temperature 1-2 degrees and on hot days of summer, we’ll cool it down a bit.
Yes, we mostly use bromine which is a similar chemical to chlorine, but a little less harsh with the smell. It is necessary for us to disinfect the water with chemicals for adequate disease prevention. In addition to this, we completely empty and refill our water tank with fresh water at the end of each week. When we do this we also shock the water with high amount of chlorine which is run through our system to further prevent bacteria and algae buildup. This takes place over the weekend when the underwater treadmill isn’t used, so come Monday the water is back to normal and able to be used again.