🦠 COVID 19 Update – Sydney Lockdown June 21 🦠

With the recent news that we’re getting locked down (again 😫) for 2 weeks, we’ll be operating a little differently until we’re told otherwise.

1. As we’re considered an essential business, we will be operating as per our regular hours 🤗

2. All consults will be pet only (ie no human owners allowed) except for:
a) New patients 🐩
b) If your pet requires additional assistance 🦥

In either of these situations, only one owner will be permitted at a time.

3. If you live or have been to one of the areas in the constantly increasing list of hotspots, or are experiencing covid/flu/cold symptoms consider rescheduling your appointment if it’s not urgent 🧟‍♀️🧟

4. All staff will be adhering to all the standard Covid guidelines, and kindly request that you do as well. We’ll have spare facemasks 😷 if you forget yours & plenty of sanitiser on hand 🧴👏

Stay safe!

Animal Rehab Klinik