Sunday’s Story

Born on the 27thof May 2018, somewhere in Western Sydney Australia, Sunday did not have the best start to life. She was the runt of a litter of 11, that unfortunately due to neglect, Sunday was one of only 3 that survived. Sunday also an unknown incident occur that left her hind left foot necrotic, […]

When Dr Harry Met Sunday

Vet Dr Harry with Matt, Rhys, Sunday & Zara from the Animal Rehab Klinik, Sutherland.  The Dog Lover’s Show Sydney 2018 was the start of something I don’t think any of us were expecting. Our game plan didn’t initially include adopting a tri-paw Rottweiler and our aspirations for being on TV were still largely reliant […]

The Reason Why You Don’t See Many Dogs with a Partial Limb Amputation

We’ve all seen dogs missing a limb, sometimes even 2 limbs. But have you ever stopped and thought ‘how come all these dogs get their leg amputated at the hip or shoulder’? It’s not It’s not like all humans who need an amputation get their entire arm or leg taken off regardless of the position […]

Sunday the Giant Goldfish This was Sunday’s second time swimming. She’s not loving it yet, but hugely improved from her first time. You can see that her little leg doesn’t want to work as much as her other hind, which isn’t unusual. By manually moving her leg as I do here her nervous system can be stimulated to […]

The Day We Met Sunday

It was mid-August 2018, just after launching the Animal Rehab Klinik. We received a Facebook message from a vet nurse – Danielle who informed us she had a rottweiler pup that she needed to find a home for. This was no ordinary rottweiler though. Sunday, as she was named, was a tri-paw and Danielle was desperately […]