🦠 COVID 19 Update – Sydney Lockdown June 21 🦠

With the recent news that we’re getting locked down (again ) for 2 weeks, we’ll be operating a little differently until we’re told otherwise. 1. As we’re considered an essential business, we will be operating as per our regular hours 2. All consults will be pet only (ie no human owners allowed) except for:a) New […]

The Four Best Alternatives to Dog Surgery

What do you do when your vet has suggested surgery for your dog, but for one reason or another, surgery is not an option? Sometimes the reason for not opting for surgery are clearly understood – they could be an elderly dog and the stress from surgery would be too much, a dog could be suffering from […]

Ivdd Rehab for Dogs

IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease) is a spinal condition where one or more discs (the cushioning in between each vertebra in the spine) begins to degenerate. This can range from mild symptoms (discomfort, stiffness) to severe (complete paralysis of the limbs). Usually, it’s the discs in the middle of the back that are affected which will impact […]

Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

Hip dysplasia is a hereditary condition that in layman’s terms, means your dogs hip joint isn’t formed correctly. There can be several ways in which this happens, such as the ball and socket being different sizes, joint surfaces being shaped differently or the joint having too much laxity…or if you’re unlucky, all of those things […]

Coco, the Small Dog with a Big Heart

When we opened the Animal Rehab Klinik in 2018, we had one mission – to create a place where animals could get the same injury rehabilitation options as humans. From over a decade of helping people recover from injuries, we knew first hand how the right rehabilitation advice could be the difference between someone doing […]

Tara the Dogs Cruciate Surgery Rehab – A Testimonial from Taras Owner

Cruciate surgeries for dogs is the most common orthopaedic surgery performed by veterinarians. Learn how we helped Tara the Border Collie dog recover from cruciate surgery at the Animal Rehab Klinik. If you want to know more about how we can help your dog recover following cruciate ligament (CCL) surgery, get in touch with us. https://youtu.be/l5IcbJQwv9Q What We Did […]