It’s one thing to play Pickleball; it’s another to get better! At our Little League Pickleball Academies, we developed the #1, youth focused, Pickleball curriculum. Our academies focus on fun and fundamentals through a series of skill progressions. Our classes create a safe and positive environment where athletes increase their Pickleball abilities, build confidence, self esteem and social skills. Each class is a continuation of the previous class, allowing our athletes to progress in their Pickleball development.

At Little League Pickleball Academies, we coach by skill level in addition to age and grade. It makes no sense to hold an athlete back, simply due to their age. That being said, we will never embarrass an athlete if they are a beginner and may be a bit older. In this case, we would put the athlete with other beginners, who are approximately the same age.

If you haven’t heard, ALL of our coaches are certified US Youth Pickleball coaches, the top youth coaching certification in the country!

Contact us, we will do everything in our power to make it happen.

This level welcomes new athletes to the sport and most have little to no previous experience.

OBJECTIVES: Teaching the fundamentals in a positive, fun and safe environment.  Incorporating games and proper technique from a young age, is the key to the successful development of each athlete.  Coaches will help to build self-confidence to ensure that all athletes feel success the very first time they step on the court.  

This level may still have new athletes to the sport, but athletes are seeking a little more competition. The rules are understood and athletes play with some strategy.

OBJECTIVES: Coaches will continue to prepare the athletes to become comfortable with a variety of skill sets.  Training will focus on both singles and doubles play, in an effort to build the athletes awareness of the game.  Coaches will begin to shift their focus to game play and begin to get athletes involved in actual games, in an effort to get the athletes authentic game experience.

This level is for athletes who understand the game and have played a few seasons.  Athletes tend to be fundamentally strong and play is approached strategically. Competition tends to be of high quality.

OBJECTIVES: Coaches will refine specific skill sets of the athletes and focus on the “individual”.  Drills and skills will be taught each practice, however, Coaches will also focus on fitness, nutrition and overall well being of a well rounded Pickleball athlete.

This level is made up of highly skilled athletes. 

OBJECTIVES: The goal of our Level 4 athletes is to prepare them for the next phases of the game.  Preparing for tournaments, college play or even professional play, we personalize the lessons to enable the athletes to maximize their time with us.  As Pickleball continues to evolve, so will the Little League Pickleball program. 

For more information about a specific Little League Pickleball Academy, please use the search feature to find the best option for your family. If you do not see a location in your area and would love to have one, please reach out and let us know! Contact us, we will do everything in our power to make it happen.

Bringing youth Pickleball to your community and having your child and their friends play, is a major reason why we created Little League Pickleball!

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