Active Pets

Let’s keep them moving

An active pet is a healthy pet. Just like us humans really – we know that if we’re looking after ourselves by staying active, we will live a healthier and happier life.

Unfortunately, part of being really active is the reality that every now & then we will pick up an injury– sprained joints, sore muscles & ligament injuries just to name a few.

As a human, often our first point of call is to visit our trusted chiropractor, osteopath, or physiotherapist to sort the problem out. But what about your poor pet? Where’s their chiro, osteo or physio?

And that’s exactly why we exist – so every pet can have access to those same treatments modalities that keep us humans remaining active.

Something else to consider is that when we’re in pain that we tend to become less active, our energy is zapped and we might even get a little angry at times.

Your pets activity level & behaviour is a great indicator of it’s general health.

If you have a pet who is usually really active, but recently they have become noticeably less active for no apparent reason, they may be in pain.

Some other things you should look out for:
We can help assess your pets function to see what may be wrong, and if appropriate prescribe a tailored treatment plan to ensure they remain active and live their best life moving forward.